Make fracking industry play on a level playing field

Don’t be misled: fracking is a heavy industrial activity that devastates the environment and poses serious health concerns which have not been adequately studied. Fracking consumes and removes from the ecosystem millions of gallons of water for every fracked well. Fracking injects poisonous and carcinogenic chemicals such as benzene and hydrochloric acid into the ground. The fracking process is so wasteful and inefficient that up to 30% of the industry’s total natural gas production is vented or burned off, further contributing to the greenhouse gas problem and the overheating of the earth’s atmosphere.

If fracking is such a boon to our economy, as its proponents insist, and is such a clean undertaking free of contamination, then remove all the exemptions it currently enjoys from critical environmental standards such as the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, the Safe Drinking Water Act, the Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Act, the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act and others.

Make the fracking industry play on a level playing field. Make the industry be accountable for the long-term danger to our climate of venting and burning off up to 30% of produced methane gas from hundreds of thousands of wells.  Let the industry be regulated by an independent agency instead of being self-regulated, as it currently is.


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