I live in Weld County, Colorado, home to more than 20,000 of Colorado’s 51,500 active wells. Colorado is being overrun by a lemming-like fracking boom and new fracking wells are being built as quickly as possible, indiscriminately, wherever the oil companies can obtain mineral rights and leases.

Coloradans are fighting back. In the November 2013 elections, four Colorado cities (Fort Collins, Boulder, Lafayette and Broomfield) passed 5-year moratoriums or outright bans on fracking, joining Longmont which banned fracking in 2012. Colorado’s political landscape is now being undermined by huge influxes of corporate cash as the oil industry tries to influence public opinion and and place candidates at the local level who will do their bidding.

Allowing the fossil fuel industry to dictate our national energy options is a short-sighted and dangerous path. Renewable energy is real, it’s affordable and economical, and it’s being used in other countries around the world to supply clean, non-polluting power. The United States could begin to transition away from fossil fuels RIGHT NOW – except for the political and economic influence of the fossil fuel energy industry, which has an enormous investment in infrastructure and does NOT want to see renewable energy succeed in the U.S.

Renewable energy can provide all the energy this country needs, but in order to achieve that goal, we will need to defeat the “dinosaur” fossil fuel industry and loosen its stranglehold on our lives and our society. This website will explore the options available to you as an individual interested in advancing the goal of transitioning to clean, sustainable, renewable energy sources.


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